The Best Jewelry Trends of 2019

malibu necklace

This year has brought us some exciting trends in jewelry, and Shani Jacobi has all the right tips on how to take enjoy these incredible moments in the fashion world and bring them into your own wardrobe!

Bold Gold Chains
Give a nod to the ‘80s with a bold gold chain as a retro statement piece. Oversized links for necklaces and bracelets make it easy to transform a classic look and make it bold and exciting.

Mismatched Earrings
While mismatching earrings isn’t a new trend, it’s definitely hit this years’ fashion world with a boom! Mix and match your favorite pairs by playing with length, shape and color to add a modern look with an edge to your outfit.

Antique Coins
Roman coins have made a huge comeback as a way to spice up your necklace collection with a unique necklace that combines beauty with history. Look regal and powerful with an antique coin adorning your chest and dangling elegantly from your earrings or bracelet.

Layering Necklaces
When it comes to necklaces this season, more is better. Whether you’re layering simple chains by varying lengths and textures, or playing around with different style pendants – layering necklaces is the perfect way to complement your look and make a statement without a singular over-the-top necklace piece.

Hoop Earrings
Hoops never go out of style, but trends with hoop earrings tend to vary between seasons. This season, we’re seeing hoops go in a new direction with unconventional shapes, thick metals, and little drop pendants. Try something new with a geometric, funky hoop or an elegant hoop with a small drop addition to add a new flare to your earrings wardrobe.

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