Custom Engraved Jewelry

Custom Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry has the unique potential of holding deep meaning. A jewelry gift, whether to yourself or for somebody you love, carries with it the intention behind the gift itself. A perfect way to add special meaning to an already special gift, however, is by customizing your jewelry to make it unique to and for the person who wears it.

Customizing jewelry is easy with engravings of initials, names or sweet reminders of personal memories on classic gold or silver pieces. Engravings on jewelry make them one-of-a-kind by personalizing the piece to the person. This way, every time they look at their jewelry item, the wearer is reminded of the moment they received the piece and how much it means to them.

Custom Engraved Jewelry

Beyond just being meaningful, personalized jewelry is fashion-forward in the 2019 jewelry trend-book. While it isn’t necessarily a new trend, it has certainly made a comeback in the fashion scene. Especially with the new trend of layering necklaces, it seems that everywhere you turn, you see a fashion girl letting her name or initials shine amongst the collection of pendants adorning her chest.

If you have a special someone in your life you’d like to remind each and every day how much you care, a custom engraved piece of jewelry personalized to them is a perfect gift. This can be for a romantic partner, your best friend, or any strong (male or female) figure you have in your life.

Shani Jacobi designs offer you a treasure chest of possibilities for custom engraved jewelry. Consider a necklace, bracelet or even a ring to add a personalized touch to. Make your jewelry item memorable and unique for the person who will wear it – a daily reminder of love in their lives.

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