Layering Necklaces Like a Fashion Girl

Imperial necklace

Sometimes, you don’t need one crazy statement necklace to turn heads. On the contrary, one of the hottest trends of the moment is layering your every-day necklaces to make a bold fashion statement and complete your look. When it comes to necklaces this season, more is MORE!

Overwhelmed by how to choose your layered necklace look? Here are some tips on how to layer your favorite necklaces like the fashion girl you’re meant to be!

Choose One Necklace to Use as Your Base

By picking one necklace as your base, you can match the other layers around it for a unified look. Pendant necklaces often serve as good bases. For example, a coin pendant is a perfect statement piece to layer with more chains.

Lory Necklace
Rocco necklace

Mix and Match Chains

Don’t be afraid to play around with the texture of your chains by mixing and matching different styles and thickness. This way, each individual necklace can stand out and be appreciated! Contrast your layers by paring wide linked chains with smaller, daintier ones. Add an extra mix to textures by adding danty pendants to thick chains.

Play with Lengths

Layer your chains to fall on your chest as different lengths. Whether the chain stands alone or with a pendant, each individual piece should have its own opportunity to shine! So have fun and play around with lengths! Start with a choker, and finish with a piece that falls down to your chest – and even more in between!

Imperial necklace

The more you try out new combinations, the more confident you’ll be in your layering skills. In the meantime, if you need a trick up your sleeve, don’t hesitate to rock some pieces that do the layering for you!
(Example: Shani Jacobi Genie Necklace / Sup Necklace)


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