• Mismatched Earrings Done Right

    Mismatched Earrings Done Right

    In 2019, mismatched earrings doesn’t mean you got dressed in the dark. Quite the opposite! In the fashion-forward city of Tel Aviv, mismatched earrings and asymmetrical earrings are all the rage! Mixing and matching different earrings is an easy way to mix up a look with minimal effort and without...

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  • The Perfect Gift: Personalized Jewelry

    The Perfect Gift: Personalized Jewelry

    Add the special meaning and touch to your favorite pieces of jewelry. Wouldn’t it be great to wear something with such great meaning, every single day? Personalized Jewelry - Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even keychains are turning into a trend we see on the streets daily. It seems like they...

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