Cookie Policy

What are cookies and why do we track them?

Unlike the cookies we like to enjoy eating, tracked cookies are small technical files of numbers and text that are tracked and downloaded on your device after you agree with a website’s policy to doing so. Other websites can recognize these cookies as well, and they will be sent again to the website after each short-term visit.

How are cookies relevant to you?

Cookies help a website recognize a user’s device and assist you navigate through pages in a way that is more efficient. It helps improve the user experience, and remember your preferences. They help you see the relevant content online while you browse through the internet. The cookies we track protect your security and privacy. All Shani Jacobi websites and blogs ensure to imply to the policies and procedures, in accordance to help you experience the best user experience. We also use cookies to help us know you as a client and to differentiate you from other Shani Jacobi users. By browsing our website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies.

Third Parties

Keep in mind that other third parties such as external services providers, advertisers, web traffic analysis, advertising analysis service, and other performance trackers might use those same cookies, and Shani Jacobi has got no control over them.

Those type of cookies most likely track your performance and analytics. They could also be advertising, tracking, or targeting cookies.

Blocking Cookies

You have the option to block cookies, but unless you do that, Shani Jacobi system will download cookies to your device while browsing our website. All parts of our website are inaccessible in case you block your cookies, and you will not be able to enjoy our services.