About Us

Shani Jacobi

A New Vision for Jewelry Design

Shani Jacobi Jewelry is inspired by the bustling never-sleeping city of Tel Aviv and the belief that every piece should make the wearer feel confident and beautiful the moment she puts it on.

We believe that jewelry should be classic with a trendy twist, bold and delicate at once, and designed from high-quality materials. That is why we created a line of jewelry that was designed to fit everyone’s style, within everyone’s budget.

Where It All Began

Shani Jacobi was born in the countryside of Israel and grew up in the creative and loving care of her grandmother, and she was the one who inspired Shani to pursue her love of jewelry design.

As Shani’s creativity and freedom of expression grew, so did her desire to be surrounded the contemporary art scene of Israel, and so she moved to Tel Aviv and began her love affair with the bustling city. Once there, Shani began making jewelry for her friends. The more she made, the more they wanted.

Eventually, Shani realized she was filling a gap for something that didn’t exist – beautiful, trendy jewelry at an affordable price! And just like that, the brand was born!

Where It’s Headed

After taking Tel Aviv by storm, Shani is ready to take over the world!
We are proud to offer women around the world the chance to feel as beautiful as they are with our fashion-forward jewelry collection.

From trendy pieces to personalized creations, Shani’s jewelry is sure to make a statement.
Explore what our designs have to offer and expand your wardrobe with jewelry that shines as bright as you do.