For as long as I can remember, I always admired a beautiful piece of Jewelry.
My Grandmother Golda has taught me how to look at Jewelry, through her I have learned to Appreciate the designs and craftsmanship of a true goldsmith.

I get my inspiration from nature and big town landscapes. 
I love looking at a bustling metropolis and translate it into shapes and patterns. I appreciate long hours outdoors, looking at nature, green hills, the sea, and the desert, I breathe it all in.... and hence starting my creation.

I am a mother of two boys, from Israel. I love people, love going to the beach in Tel-Aviv with friends, and I love creating. 
I believe that only through constant learning, awareness, pure curiosity about our surroundings and hard work, can you succeed in creating new trends in the jewelry world, trends that are truly your own.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my shop, and love wearing my designs.
Love and Peace
Shani Jacobi